Please only wear suitable footwear, trainer type shoes are not suitable. Walking, outdoor or military type boots are essential.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is similar to and a more realistic version of paintball. The weapons used are replicas of real weapons but slightly lighter in weight. The ammo used is a 6mm bb’s (ball, made of stone and resin), that weigh around 0.2g each. Weapons fire the bb’s using either gas, spring or electric batteries. The game consists of a series of skirmishes played with these weapons. The are quite accurate up to approximately 40 yards.

How do I know if I’m dead?

When a bb hits you anywhere on the body (does not include the gun) you are dead. You raise your hand and shout dead, then walk back to the dead zone where you wait the alloted time or until the end of the game.

What protects my face?

Most players wear a face mask that has a fine wire mesh that protects the eyes, which after a few minutes isn’t noticeable and you never get that problem of it steaming up. The rest of the face is protected with solid plastic with small ventilation slots in it. A full perspex mask that protects the eyes is not necessary as there is no paint flying around and the bb’s do not breakup on impact.

How much does it cost?

£25 with your own equipment.

£50 to hire equipment, include gun, face mask, gun and approx 1700 BB’s.

For Pistol Night games £10 and no hire guns

Do we have public liability insurance cover?

The site is fully insured with £10,000,000 public liability insurance.

What is the age limit?

Minimum age is 16.

Anyone under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult who must sign the contract for the hire of any equipment.

Is it SAFE?

If you follow the rules and follow the marshals instructions.

Can I just turn up?

You can if you have your own equipment but it would be nice to know if you are coming.

I haven’t got any equipment can I play?

If you contact us before the event there is a limited amount of hire equipment available. Guns, face masks, camo jackets and bb’s are supplied if you hire equipment.

What is there to eat?

Please feel free bring your own food and drink with you although a fully fledged burger van is on site providing hot food and cold drinks, along with tea and coffee. Please dispose of your litter properly or better still take it home with you, it saves a lot of clean-up time!


What do I wear?

Strong shoes are essential. Clothes that may get wet or dirty.

Does the weather affect you playing or not?

If the weather is extreme then we may cancel the event. Under normal circumstances we play in sun, rain or snow as long as its safe.

What time do I need to arrive?

Games start at 10am if you need equipment be there for 9am if you have your own gear be there between 8.30am and 9am.

Late comers will have to wait for a suitable point of entry into the games.

Do you allow pyrotechnics?

Only those that we approve. If you have not bought them from us then please show us what you have and we will let you know if you can use them.

How fast do the guns fire?

328fps (feet per second) with a .2g bb

How many hire guns are available?

We have 20 guns available to hire out and welcome group as well.

What hire guns are available?

Types of guns available to hire are AK47’s, M4’s M16’s, MP5’s, 2 FAMAS’s, 2 H&K G36’s a SIG 551 and a H&K G3

Site FPS Limits

  • AEG 328 + 5% (345fps absolute maximum) with a .2g bb
  • Snipers 400fps, max 2 std mags and must carry a side army, min engagement distance 20 meters
  • Guns are tested using the weight of the pellet you normally use
    EG a sniper rifle using .30g bb should be under 325 fps to get the equivalent energy of .20 at 400fps

All limits are with a .2g bb and we supply the mag and the bb for the test and hop up will be adjusted to make sure that they are not maxed on.

Guns are chrono’d regularly so be warned and if found over the limit you will not be allowed to play.

Other Site Rules

GAS SMG and GBB Assault Rifles are Allowed
CO2 Guns of any sort are not allowed
HPA Guns of any sort are not allowed

Gas Pistols and Gas Sniper rifles are allowed