UA Mil-Sim Games

Ever wanted to push your airsoft experience up a notch? During the winter months, Urban Assault runs additional games roughly once every four weeks. Instead of being a run-of-the-mill shoot ’em up experience, these games take the shape of something a little more involved. We call them “Mil-Sim” or “Military Simulation” games.

Now Mil-Sim games take place up and down the country from time to time and are run by dedicated game operators and often take up entire weekends at a time. UA’s Mil-Sim experience offers you the intense level of gameplay but in a smaller, more easily digested package.

So how does it work and what makes it different?

Firstly, at a Mil-Sim game there are no hire guns allowed, they are intended for more experienced players with their own equipment.

Additionally, there are no high capacity magazines allowed, only Mid or Low caps, except in appropriate support weapons. Smaller magazines means less “wall of BBs” moments and encourages tactical play and movement rather than sitting taking ineffective pot shots.

To add an extra strategic element to the game, Medic rules are often used in conjunction with respawn rules. This puts a greater onus on teamwork and cohesion, rewarding effective demonstration of both with a powerful fighting force, just like in the military.

On top of this, instead of 5 or 6 short games with breaks in between, a Mil-Sim day is one, long game, with tactical awareness and activity required at all times. You’ll need to confer with your team commander to pick up missions throughout the day and it’ll be your task as part of the team to carry out those orders and with any luck, take home the win.

If you are interested in experiencing a taste of what airsoft has to offer at the next level, Mil-Sim games are running throughout the winter season in 2013/14 on the following dates. Use the normal booking in procedure to sign up. The price is as usual £25 but there are NO hire guns available.

Sat 22nd October 2016 URBAN Milsim

CANCELLED Sat 3rd December 2016 URBAN Milsim CANCELLED