Picture-191At Urban Assault fair gameplay and fun for everyone is paramount, as such, our rules are set in place to ensure everyone has fun and goes home uninjured and ready for another day. Here are a few set rules that you may wish to check up on before attending. At the beginning of each day the head marshall we conduct a safety and rules briefing which you must listen to and understand. If you are unsure about anything, please raise you question when give the opportunity at this briefing.

Protective Equipment

Please only wear suitable footwear, trainer type shoes are not suitable. Walking, outdoor or military type boots are essential.

Googles or shooting glasses are allowed, although we recommend wearing a full face mask due to the close range and blind corners at the site.

Solid, ankle supporting outdoor footwear is strongly encouraged. Due to the derelict nature of the site rubble and debris presents a permanent tripping hazard, therefore boots are a necessity.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the site is safe, it’s state of disuse means that there is a significant risk of snagging and ripping items of clothing. Do not wear your prized and irreplaceable items to the site.
FPS Limits

  • AEG Max 328 +5% variance (345fps maximum)
  • Guns are tested using the weight of the pellet you normally use
    EG a sniper rifle using .30g bb should be under 325 fps to get the equivalent energy of .20 at 400fps
  • Sniper Rifle Max 400fps – no firing inside buildings, max 2 standard magazines and full auto disabled (if AEG based) also MUST carry a second weapon for use when people are too close to shoot with sniper rifle.
  • Single Shot GBB 345 fps
  • GBB Assault Rifles Allowed (NOT HPA)
  • GAS SMG and Shotgun allowed
  • CO2 guns NOT allowed
  • Full Auto GBB Pistols 300 fps

All FPS values are measured with a 0.20g BB. We do randomly chronograph guns throughout the day, if you exceed the maximum limits above, you will not be able to play with that weapon – you have been warned! Players found to be purposefully deceiving the chronograph, modifying their guns to produce excessive power in game or failing to ensure their gun is tested before use may be asked to leave the site without a refund.


Only specially made pyrotechnics may be used at Urban Assault due to the sound levels produced.  No blank firing grenades, mines or other items are permitted. AIrsoft gas powered Tornado or similar, re-useable grenades are generally permitted. Please do not bring your own pyro. Please check with site staff on the day.

No smoke grenades are allowed to be used at Urban Assault.


Insurance Waiver

Everyone must sign an insurance waiver at least once a year. Those under 18 must get a parent or guardian to sign the form for them. The waiver can be downloaded by clicking here. Please print the document to bring it along on the day and save time when booking in.

Age Limit

The minimum age limit for players with their own equipment is 16 years of age. The minimum age for players hiring equipment is 17.