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Urban Assault general news

Latest Game Dates Urban site as at 19th December 2018

YOU MUST email or complete to booking form on this site if you are coming to a game. including list of names, game date and that you have own guns.
We will email you a reply with directions, rules and insurance waiver links

Hire gun / rental people must have booked by telephone and paid a deposit in advance.

PLEASE REMEMBER THESE DATES MAY CHANGE! Particularly at the urban site as we do not know how long we will have the site for. These dates are likely to change as the year progresses.
You must book in to each event. We are likely to add woodland dates as we get nearer the summer.

2019 Game Dates including woodland site game dates

2019 Dates
Sat 30th March URBAN Upwood
Sun 7th April Woodland FFZ
Sat 13th April URBAN Upwood
Sat 27th April URBAN Upwood
Sun 5th May Woodland FFZ
Sat 11th May URBAN Upwood
Sat 18th May URBAN MILSIM Upwood
Sat 25th May URBAN Upwood
Sun 2nd June Woodland FFZ
The following FFZ dates have been revised please check
Sat 8th June URBAN Upwood
Sat 22nd June URBAN Upwood

More Urban dates coming

Sun 30th June Woodland FFZ
Sun 28th July Woodland FFZ
Sun 25th Aug Woodland FFZ
Sun 22nd Sept Woodland FFZ
Sun 20th Oct Woodland FFZ
Sun 17th Nov Woodland FFZ
Sun 15th Dec Woodland FFZ
Please remember to email us the list of names and the date you are attending

CHECK for future dates