Games Dates

    • 2019 Dates
    • Sat 30th March URBAN Upwood
    • Sun 7th April Woodland FFZ
    • Sat 13th April URBAN Upwood
    • Sat 27th April URBAN Upwood
    • Sun 5th May Woodland FFZ
    • Sat 11th May URBAN Upwood
    • Sat 25th May URBAN Upwood
    • Sun 2nd June Woodland FFZ
    • The following FFZ dates have been revised please check
    • Sun 8th June URBAN Upwood
    • Sat 22nd June URBAN Upwood
    • More Urban dates coming
    • Sun 30th June Woodland FFZ
    • Sun 28th July Woodland FFZ
    • Sun 25th Aug Woodland FFZ
    • Sun 22nd Sept Woodland FFZ
    • Sun 20th Oct Woodland FFZ
    • Sun 17th Nov Woodland FFZ
    • Sun 15th Dec Woodland FFZ
    • Please remember to email us the list of names and the date you are attending

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